ZeroTime pressure temperature gamma CCL

ZeroTime™ is a multi-functional ruggedised logging system comprising a suite of memory sensors that allows the operator to record fluid temperature, pressure, gamma ray and CCL response while conducting mechanical intervention operations. Our specially designed drill pipe and coiled tubing carrier systems ensure maximum data integrity without compromise to function and capability, allowing you to operate as normal, but with added diagnostic intelligence.

Our Drill Pipe Gauge Carrier technology was developed to meet the specific needs of a customer. The DPGC allows these ruggedised probes to be simultaneously run on drill pipe whilst retaining pump-through capability and high tension, compression and torque characteristics. This permits data collection without additional runs in hole or the need to mobilise a wireline intervention set-up and crew.

Our coiled tubing carrier technology is frequently used to convey a highly-versatile, high precision, correlation system to determine the position of moving inserts within downhole completion devices. This system has been designed to withstand hammering and jarring forces often required during manipulation of completion items or the delivery of remedial products. It provides fast data sampling and high sensitivity for accurate evaluation of the status of downhole hardware.