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Reservoir Evaluation

The clarity of our reservoir insight allows our customers to plan and
implement remedial actions, quickly and with confidence, to help
minimise downtime and operational costs. It’s because the stakes are
high that we remain committed to providing the fast, accurate answers
required to manage highly valued assets effectively.

Fluid density

repeatable measurements

Through the reliability of our density technology, we provide high-accuracy, repeatable measurement across a wide fluid density range.

The Fluid Density Radioactive (FDR) uses low energy gamma rays to determine the downhole fluid density during a production log. It provides a safe and reliable measurement that is unaffected by well deviation and flowrates.

The Fluid Density Inertial (FDI) tool measures the inertial response of a vibrating tuning fork to determine the density of wellbore fluids, providing accurate fluid identification without the use of a radioactive source.


  • High accuracy, repeatable measurements across wide fluid density range
  • Inertial sensor has  Improved performance compared with radioactive
    alternatives in very high background gamma applications (e.g. large
    quantities of radioactive scale)
  • Deployable on Slickline, Electric line, Coil Tubing and Tractor
  • Suitable for all well deviations – including horizontal.

Platinum resistance thermometer

Delivering accurate measurements

The Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT) tool provides a highly accurate and fast response measurement of downhole wellbore temperature, which can be used for identifying fluid entry, gas leaks and injection zones. This tool offers an excellent combination of sensitivity and range.

The PRT is small and compact and is an integral component in any production logging or well integrity toolstring.


  • Fast response, high accuracy sensor
  • Combinable with full suite of Production Logging Tools
  • Deployable on Slickline, Electric line, Coil Tubing and Tractor
  • Suitable for all well deviations – including horizontal.

Production gamma ray

Improved understanding
of well production

The Production Gamma Ray (PGR) tool measures the naturally occurring radiation emitted by various formations.

The major applications are depth correlation, qualitative lithology determination and radioactive scale identification.

The PGR tool is compact, rugged and combines excellent sensitivity with high resolution.


  • Improved understanding of well production through correlation with lithology
  • Identification of radioactive scale to help optimise clean-up or remediation
  • Qualitative assessment of gravel pack placement when used in conjunction with a gamma source
  • Deployable on Slickline, Electric line, Coil Tubing and Tractor

Pulsed neutron

Cased hole formation evaluation

READ’s Pulsed Neutron tool, the Reservoir Analysis System (RAS), is a state of the art, multi‑detector pulsed‑neutron tool designed for measuring reservoir saturation using Sigma and Carbon‑Oxygen techniques.

The sonde features three gamma detectors, the near and the far are high resolution Lanthanum Chloride for Sigma and C/O, the long spacing is a Sodium Iodide detector with a spacing that is sensitive to gas and porosity. It can simultaneously measure Sigma and C/O using a mixed firing pattern for the neutron generator.


  • Increased reliability offered by robust detector materials
  • Exploit bypassed reserves
  • Monitor and evaluate reservoir fluid movements
  • Identify undesired water flow behind casing
  • Slim‑hole tool enabling access though well restrictions
  • Memory or surface read-out capability




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