HPHT production logging tools

READ Cased Hole’s HPHT Production Logging Tool (HPHT PLT) is deployable in both surface readout and memory modes.

Engineered to withstand the harshest environments, all of the temperature sensitive components are enclosed in a high pressure flask that provides protection up to a maximum temperature of 572°F (300°C) for an in well period of up to 6 hours.

READ Cased Hole’s HPHT technology combines a variety of sensors on a single string, including Casing Collar Locator, Gamma Ray, Quartz Pressure and Temperature. Additional sensors can also be added, tailoring the tool string to each specific scenario by also integrating Capacitance Water Hold-up, Density (inertial) and Full Bore or Caged Flowmeter.


  • Monitor production in hostile environment wells
  • Determine water hold-up, temperature and flow profiling
  • Conduct leak detection surveys for well integrity assurance
  • Use optimum spinner type for low-rate and hiigh-rate flow logging
  • Log vertical, deviated and horizontal wells