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Leak detection

Leaks in the tubing or casing of a well can have a dramatic impact
on its economic viability and, left unchecked, can cause serious issues
with the safety, integrity, productivity and long-term profitability of
the well.

Reputation management is also critical in worst-case scenario leaks.

Acoustic leak detection

Precisely locating leaks with
advanced acoustic technologies

Our highly sensitive, multi-frequency, acoustic leak detection technology has been developed to detect the sound energy that is created by micro-leaks and turbulent fluid flow.

The high sensitivity, spectral measurements captured by the tool create a detailed map of downhole acoustic energy, enabling precision location of leak sites, identification of active flow pathways and determination of the sources of flow energy.

The Noise Tool (NTO) incorporates a highly sensitive hydrophone and a high speed digital signal processor (DSP) into a single compact, highly versatile tool. The technology is based on the same leading-edge platform as our industry proven leak detection and multi-finger caliper technologies enabling customised data acquisition and analysis services for the diagnosis of a range of well integrity issues.


  • Micro-leak detection and annular flow detection derived from high sensitivity, high resolution measurements
  • Multi-barrier inspection enabled by wide-band, spectral signal processing
  • Deployable on Slickline, Electric line, Coil Tubing and Tractor
  • Slim tool body with no moving parts for simple low-risk well intervention
  • Flexibility to run with the full suite of leak detection and well integrity tools

Mechanical flow meters

Delivering accurate flow information

Our range of flow meter technologies provides accurate flow determination from high-resolution measurements.

Each of the tools plays an important role in determining flow and delivering the information you need when planning the next steps for your well.

Flow meters detect fluid movement within the well bore and, while primarily delivering benefits across all aspects of production evaluation, are also critical for leak detection, particularly when combined with other sensors, including pressure, temperature and acoustic tools.

The majority of this flow metering technology can be combined with the full suite of leak detection and well integrity tools to ensure you receive the highest quality intelligence, whatever the challenge.


  • Accurate flow determination from high resolution measurements
  • Selection of Mechanical spinners to suit conditions for all wells: be it Caged Fullbore for maximum coverage of the cross section up to 9-5/8 inch or Jewelled Flowmeters for ultra-low thresholds and excellent performance in high velocity flow
  • Combinable with full suite of Production Logging Tools
  • Deployable on electric line, with real-time surface read out.
  • Suitable for all well deviations – including horizontal.

Platinum resistance thermometer

Delivering accurate measurements

The Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT) tool provides a highly accurate and fast response measurement of downhole wellbore temperature, which can be used for identifying fluid entry, gas leaks and injection zones. This tool offers an excellent combination of sensitivity and range.

The PRT is small and compact and is an integral component in any production logging or well integrity toolstring.


  • Fast response, high accuracy sensor
  • Combinable with full suite of Production Logging Tools
  • Deployable on Slickline, Electric line, Coil Tubing and Tractor
  • Suitable for all well deviations – including horizontal.

Water hold-up

High accuracy and fast response

The Capacitance/Temperature/Flow (CTF) combines a single electronics section with three sensors – water hold-up, fast response temperature & optimised flowmeter – into a single compact tool.

Capacitance Water Hold-up: This probe can determine the downhole water- hydrocarbon ratio.

Temperature: The platinum-resistance probe responds quickly and accurately to changes in fluid temperature.

Flowmeter electronics: Interchangeable spinner mechanical sections are fitted to the bottom of the CTF to match the well conditions and optimise flow measurements.


  • Multiple sensor measurements combined in single short toolstring
  • Close sensor proximity provides definitive measurement of localised well fluid properties
  • High resolution downhole fluid hold-up measurement
  • Highly accurate & fast response temperature measurement
  • Flexibility to be run with full-bore, caged or jewelled spinners
  • Deployable on slickline, electric line, coil tubing or tractor




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