Well Integrity

Giving you the full picture of your well’s performance

Well Integrity

We are experts in well integrity evaluation, and for nearly 30 years we’ve been delivering solutions that help operators overcome their well challenges all over the world.

Well integrity evaluation means getting the full picture of your well’s barrier performance. It’s about understanding the structural integrity of your tubing, casing, liners and cement, to ultimately manage risk, extend operating life, and optimise the management of your wells across their lifecycle.

READ has a suite of dedicated well integrity technologies for accurately identifying and quantifying holes, leaks, corrosion, scale build-up, and damage and deformation, deployable on electric wireline, slickline or coil tubing, and in memory and real-time.

Our solutions are tailored to your individual equipment and operations, and our know-how and expertise provide the answers to help with:

  • Identifying and rectifying defects early
  • Prioritising remediation
  • Minimising remedial costs
  • Extending operating life
  • Managing risk
  • Protecting your reputation
  • Avoiding environmental consequences
  • Complying with legistation
  • Addressing vulnerable areas

Well Integrity Services

By applying best-in-class radial geometry and wall thickness sensor technologies, we document every detail of every completion element. This data creates a robust baseline for operators to measure changes over time – we help you understand the evolution of your well’s integrity, identifying issues in advance of failure, and knowing exactly where and when to intervene.

Whether due to a sudden change in conditions, or as part of a managed monitoring strategy, we give you the detailed analysis you need to quickly identify integrity issues, and make qualified decisions about appropriate remedial action.

When well access becomes a challenge, operators turn to READ to help them navigate their way safely. Whether re-perforating, working over or abandoning a well, we provide simple, ironclad answers to help resolve complex well access issues.

Count on us to help you understand the limits of restricted access and any downhole hazards; provide a quantified assessment of the risks; and take your well intervention planning to the next level – transforming field data from on-site reconnaisance to valuable well intelligence.

By applying multi-finger calipers, including READ’s unique 80-arm caliper, together with high-resolution fluid property sensors, we provide close inspection of every component from BOP to TD – safety valves, injection valves, gas lift valves, polished bore receptacles, seal bore expansion joins and landing profiles.

Whether open, closed, blocked or obstructed, our Fast Turn Around analysis brings you straightforward answers that simplify the complex, so you can maintain safe and efficient production. On-site, our engineers acquire high density, high resolution 3D geometric data that is second to none. And our ANSA team is on hand 24/7 for data analysis support.

Operators need rapid, comprehensive information about the location, extent and volume of deposits to help keep their wells producing freely and safety. That’s where READ comes in.

When deposits threaten to choke production or compromise critical safety systems, you can rely on us to supply the data you need to perform targeted and effective remediation, fast.

We scrutinise well geometries to give you a quantitative map of deposits, revealing their impact and severity so you can respond in the right way. And using time-lapse condition assessments we’ll verify the success of your actions to help you manage the frequency of interventions – and ultimately maximise performance and minimise cost.

Whether asphaltine, wax or scale; and whether completion, perforating or safety valve – we uncover the inside story to keep you in complete control of the obstacles you may face.

Whether you’re looking for a green light on drilling the next section, or optimising designs for future wells, we work with you every step of the way – providing fast, straightforward answers that detail the integrity of your wells during drilling operations, and help you deliver them safely and more efficiently.

We deliver near-instant answers that reveal the optimal location for plug and packer installation, so operators can make qualified, on-the-spot decisions with total confidence.

From drilling and completion, through to well abandonment, we’ll help you successfully achieve the containment you need – first time, every time – maximising safety and minimising costs.

Whether landing a hangar, straddle or retrievable bridge plug, we give you a detailed examination of inner diameter, ovality, metal loss, deformation and deposits. And you can fast-track the identification of clean-up or remedial requirements prior to attempted barrier installation.

Revealing the source of your water production issues is paramount. At READ, we provide the technology and necessary expertise to successfully plan and execute the operation to detect the leak, and we analyse the information to clearly identify its location.

We perform deep examination of inflow, dissecting fluid composition and revealing the source of variation in water cut. Whether identifying coning, maximising lift or chasing the very last drops of production, we deliver the insight you need to manage water production.

Our solutions assist in implementing an effective water shut off strategy, reducing water processing requirements through targeting shut off at source, minimising deposition and/or corrosive effects, and providing valuable information to help extend economic life of field.

There are lots of reasons why downhole tubulars can lose their integrity. From holes, leaks and pressure changes, to corrosion, scale and defects elsewhere in the completion, we can help you identify the issues and advise you on appropriate remedial action.

We deliver detailed information of cement to casing, and cement to formation adhesion – to reveal a deeper understanding of barrier performance.

Whether you are running a first casing, working over or abandoning a well, we help you make qualified decisions about your cemented annuli.

ZeroWear™ Multifinger Caliper Sensors

Our ZeroWear™ multifinger caliper sensors offer a unique and revolutionary approach to well integrity data acquisition in hostile environments. Designed and engineered in-house by READ, and successfully laboratory and field tested, these pioneering sensors achieve a far greater level of precision in high H2S/CO2 conditions, compared to standard tungsten carbide coated sensors.

  • Patented method of construction
  • Virtually indestructible multifinger caliper sensor
  • Compatible with READ's 24, 40, 60 and 80-finger calipers

It’s easy to see why operators choose READ as their well integrity partner

We have three decades of oil and gas experience and expertise. We can support you from dedicated facilities across the globe. Our highly-skilled field engineers can mobilise to any worldwide location at the shortest of notice. Our expert analysts deliver comprehensive and high-precision data interpretation. We have an impeccable safety track record.

In short, we deliver the ultimate all-encompassing well integrity service across the life-of-field, offering the high-value well intelligence you need to make qualified decisions, quickly.

Speak to us and find out how our well integrity services can help improve the efficiency and reliability of your hydrocarbon recover around the world.

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