Drill pipe well profile

We specialise in providing crystal clear, high-definition information to help reveal the properties of your well, faster and with no added rig time. Whether delivering a new well, intervening or working over an existing well our versatile, ruggedized sensor technologies deliver a reliable, precision depth-based log of wellbore temperatures and pressures without increasing the number of runs in hole.

An ever increasing demand for improved efficiency during drilling and completing wells lead us to develop a highly flexible service to acquire data simultaneously with other well operations. Our range of rugged, high-definition downhole temperature, pressure, gamma ray and casing collar locator sensors can be run on drill pipe, coiled tubing, e-line or slickline to deliver the same precision information with no compromise on quality. Through its application, this technology allows us to dovetail data acquisition with routine operations such as plug setting, well clean up or drift runs to help deliver the information our customers require – fast, efficient and no added fuss.