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About ZeroTime™

Thanks to its unique, ruggedized technology and smart design, high precision sensors can be seamlessly integrated into almost any BHA, enabling detailed diagnostics to be performed simultaneously during high‑force mechanical interventions, without compromise.

By adding intelligence to routine trips in hole, ZeroTime™ provides a detailed understanding of downhole conditions, eliminating the need for stand-alone diagnostic surveys. This enables operators to plan their next move in total confidence with zero-added rig time.

“Every day and on every job we deliver fast, accurate answers that enable our customers to make qualified decisions quickly and with confidence.”

Application ZeroTime™ logging while
working solution
Efficiency benefits
Tubing conveyed perforating (TCP) Correlation relative to formation using drill pipe conveyance during clean-up run
  • Reduced time to space out guns
  • Eliminate wireline costs
  • Reduced risk / number of trips in hole
Sliding Sleeve Device (SSD) position manipulation SSD position mapping using coiled tubing or slickline conveyance during shifting operations
  • Reduced time to confirm SSD manipulation
  • Reduced risk / number of trips in hole Reduced time to confirm SSD manipulation
  • Reduced risk / number of trips in hole
Leak detection Location of leak sites using coiled tubing or slickline conveyance during drift run
  • Reduced time to identify remedial solution
  • Reduced risk / number of trips in hole
Gas lift valve integrity Identification of failures and confirmation of repair using slickline conveyance during drift/remedial runs
  • Reduced time to identify remedial solution
  • Reduced time to confirm remedial success
  • Reduced risk / number of trips in hole
Intelligent drift Determine BHT/BHP using drill pipe, coiled tubing or slickline conveyance during clean-out or drift runs
  • Reduced time for data acquisition
  • Reduced risk / number of trips in hole

Bespoke logging-while-working solutions

Avoid unnecessary trips in hole

Multi-tasking makes sense, whether it’s taking data acquisition off the critical path of well operations or running in to a well once to solve two complex challenges.

ZeroTime ‘logging-while-working’ solutions do just that. It’s time to think differently about how you perform both the routine and the complex well intervention.

While READ has a long record of sliding sleeve position identification and manipulation in one run, there are are many other examples of where it’s possible to save one or even two runs. For example, identifying and remediating an issue using a camera and a cleaning tool combination, or stimulating a zone then checking the result.

Whatever the opportunity is, we are keen to discuss how to help increase efficiency and add ZeroTime to your operations.

Correlation and depth determination

Ensuring you are exactly
on depth, every time.

Our expertise in depth correlation and determination ensures that you know precisely where you are and that you arrive exactly where you intended. Whether setting a plug, cutting casing, verifying the depth of an item of hardware or perforating a well, we deliver fast, precise, reliable information so that you can execute your operations with confidence and with no unwelcome surprises.

Our highly experienced engineers know the value of precision information and, no matter what the conveyance option, we supply a service that ensures you have definitive control on your position in the well. Whether correlating relative to the formation or completion, we go back to first principles to deliver on-the-spot, fast, reliable information. It’s not rocket science, but it is a science and we know the importance of getting it right, first time, every time.

Key benefits

  • Instant, reliable answers
  • Enable precision depth control for critical operations
  • Flexible conveyance options
  • Perforating and logging options available
  • Best-in-class technology

Drill pipe well profile

Accurate information,
no added rig time

We specialise in providing crystal clear, high-definition information to help reveal the properties of your well, faster and with no added rig time. Whether delivering a new well, intervening or working over an existing well our versatile, ruggedized sensor technologies deliver a reliable, precision depth-based log of wellbore temperatures and pressures without increasing the number of runs in hole.

An ever increasing demand for improved efficiency during drilling and completing wells lead us to develop a highly flexible service to acquire data simultaneously with other well operations. Our range of rugged, high-definition downhole temperature, pressure, gamma ray and casing collar locator sensors can be run on drill pipe, coiled tubing, e-line or slickline to deliver the same precision information with no compromise on quality. Through its application, this technology allows us to dovetail data acquisition with routine operations such as plug setting, well clean up or drift runs to help deliver the information our customers require – fast, efficient and no added fuss.

Key benefits

  • Simultaneous data acquisition during routine interventions
  • Maintain full operating capability to meet primary job objectives
  • High resolution wellbore information from all conveyance options
  • Reduced rig time compared with conventional data acquisition methods
  • Simplified intervention program and increased operational safety as fewer trips in hole required
  • Reduced POB & costs compared with conventional data acquisition methods

Inflow Control Devices (ICD) status verification

Definitive understanding of your
communication pathways

We deliver near-instant, definitive understanding of the status of your Inflow Control Devices (ICD) and communication pathways, helping you gain complete control of the fluid movements in your well. Whether optimising drawdown or selectively stimulating a specific zone we rapidly reveal if your ICDs are open or closed, giving you the information you need at your fingertips.

Through the application of specialist ruggedised technology we acquire precision data on any conveyance, with a system tough enough to withstand the high-impact forces imparted by shifting tools during ICD manipulation. Combined with our bespoke sleeve analysis software utility, we deliver exact, in-the-field verification of the status of your ICDs, providing comprehensive assurance that you are open to communication or that you successfully closed the door behind you.

Key benefits

  • Fast, on-the-spot verification
  • Comprehensive understanding of ICD status
  • Pre and post manipulation verification in the same run
  • Exceptional operating performance with over 750 successful runs




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