Drilling wear evaluation

We provide fast, straightforward answers detailing the integrity of your wells during drilling operations, helping you to deliver them safely and more efficiently. We fast-track critical information to your fingertips when you need it the most, helping you to keep your top drive turning and your barriers intact.

We understand that time is critical. Our highly-skilled engineers execute well site operations with military precision to deliver premium quality data first time, every time. Members of our ANSA Team are on hand 24 hours a day to perform forensic, deep scan analysis of this data, expediting answers you need and delivering clear, unambiguous facts regarding the condition of your well.

Whether you are looking for a green light on drilling the next section, or optimising designs for future wells, we work with you every step of the way. No fuss, no nonsense, just easy-to-digest information delivered in a timeframe that reflects the urgency of your operations.