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Well Integrity

As an expert in well integrity evaluation, our customers turn to us to
deliver detailed understanding of their assets, quantifying trends in
behaviour and identifying issues as they develop.

3D well access evaluation

Understanding the limits
of restricted access

We deliver complete understanding of the hazards and quantified assessment of risks during the intervention of wells with restricted access. We take well intervention planning to the next level, fast-tracking field data from on-site reconnaissance to valuable well intelligence that gets you straight to the nub of the issue, fast.

When well access becomes a challenge our customers turn to us to help them navigate their way safely when the going gets tough. Our ANSA Team generate detailed simulations of challenging well geometries, based on high quality multi-finger caliper data, to define the limits of safe passage and advise on measures for mitigating risk. Optional integration of gyro surveys and 4D time-lapse analysis reveal directionality and quantify changes over time to increase understanding and help predict when issues may become critical.

Whether re-perforating, working over or abandoning a well, we provide simple, ironclad, answers to help resolve complex well access issues. No ifs, no buts, no problem.

Key benefits

  • Detailed understanding of wellbore hazards
  • Help reduce risk of interventions concluding with a fish left in the hole
  • Optimise BHA selection to meet objectives, safely
  • Predict time to reach critical point for well access

Casing and tubing integrity evaluation

Knowing the integrity of
your well from day one

We deliver rapid, precision, time-bound evaluation of tubular condition, helping you to understand the evolution of your well’s integrity and re-define the operational limits of your pressure envelope.

Through the application of best-in-class radial geometry and wall thickness sensor technologies we document every detail of every completion element. This information provides a reference against which changes can be monitored over time, helping you understand the evolution of your well’s integrity, identifying issues in advance of failure, and knowing exactly where and when to intervene. Our cloud-based digital delivery system can be used to securely store and access this information from any location at any time, allowing quick and easy comparison of baseline data with subsequent time-lapse data sets.

Whether it’s as a result of a sudden change in conditions, or as part of a managed monitoring strategy, we provide the detailed analysis required to quickly identify integrity issues, revealing the facts as they unfold so that you can make qualified decisions, fast.



Key benefits

  • Reduce uncertainty in safe operating limits
  • Provides baseline for future comparison
  • Early identification of potential integrity issues
  • Detailed verification of tally for accurate well records

Cement evaluation

Helping to ensure your cement is fit
to perform when the pressure is on

We deliver detailed information of cement to casing and cement to formation adhesion, rapidly revealing deeper understanding of barrier performance. Whether you are running your first casing, working over or abandoning a well we help you to make qualified decisions regarding your cemented annuli, fast.

Through close inspection, applying years of industry leading well integrity know-how and best in class segmented and multi-receiver technologies, we provide superior information documenting the location and adhesion of cement. A detailed field report issued by our on-site engineering team enables ultra-fast evaluation of integrity, verifying placement, and identification of issues such as channelling or micro-annuli.

Driven by our customer to meet the challenge of ever increasing legislative requirements the ANSA group, our team of in-house expert analysts, deliver enhanced evaluation and detailed reports to demonstrate compliance with even the most stringent regulatory demands.

Key benefits

  • Early diagnosis of integrity issues.
  • Enable timely remediation while rig is still on site.
  • Help minimise remedial costs and extend life of well.
  • Demonstrate compliance with legislative requirements.
  • Improve operational safety.
  • Reduce the risks of environmental impact.

Completion component condition evaluation

Downhole jewellery gets
the attention it needs

Through the application of multi-finger calipers (including our unique 80 finger caliper) and high resolution fluid properties sensors we provide close inspection of every component from BOP to TD: safety valves, injections valves, gas lift valves, polished bore receptacles, seal bore expansion joints and landing profiles. Whether open, closed, blocked or obstructed, our fast turn-around analysis provides straightforward answers that simplify the complex, helping you to maintain safe, efficient production.

Our specialist on-site engineers acquire high density, high resolution three dimensional geometric data that is second to none. Members of our ANSA team are on hand 24 hours a day to provide a thorough, quantitative assessment of your systems, to reveal areas of damage and highlight potential performance affecting issues.

Key benefits

  • Identify issues affecting production performance
  • Help increase well integrity and operational safety
  • Early identification of component failure
  • Help minimise downtime through more effective intervention

Correlation and depth determination

Ensuring you are exactly
on depth, every time.

Our expertise in depth correlation and determination ensures that you know precisely where you are and that you arrive exactly where you intended. Whether setting a plug, cutting casing, verifying the depth of an item of hardware or perforating a well, we deliver fast, precise, reliable information so that you can execute your operations with confidence and with no unwelcome surprises.

Our highly experienced engineers know the value of precision information and, no matter what the conveyance option, we supply a service that ensures you have definitive control on your position in the well. Whether correlating relative to the formation or completion, we go back to first principles to deliver on-the-spot, fast, reliable information. It’s not rocket science, but it is a science and we know the importance of getting it right, first time, every time.

Key benefits

  • Instant, reliable answers
  • Enable precision depth control for critical operations
  • Flexible conveyance options
  • Perforating and logging options available
  • Best-in-class technology

Deposition evaluation

Knowledge to keep
your flow paths clear

We deliver rapid, comprehensive, information on the location, extent and volume of deposits to help you keep your wells producing freely and safely. When deposits threaten to choke production, or compromise critical safety systems, we give you the understanding you need to perform targeted and effective remediation, fast.

Through close scrutiny of well geometries we provide a quantitative map of deposits, revealing their impact and severity to help you form a strategic response. And through time-lapse condition assessments we verify the success of your actions to help manage the frequency of interventions, maximising performance and minimising cost. Whether asphaltine, wax or scale, completion, perforation or safety valve, we uncover the inside story to keeping you in complete control of the obstacles you may face.

Key benefits

  • A catalyst for optimising inflow and transport performance
  • Key enabler for increased safety and integrity
  • Identify and help understand obstructions and blockages
  • Assist planning of remedial actions, helping maximise effectiveness and minimise downtime.

Drilling wear evaluation

Healthy casing equals
faster, safer drilling.

We provide fast, straightforward answers detailing the integrity of your wells during drilling operations, helping you to deliver them safely and more efficiently. We fast-track critical information to your fingertips when you need it the most, helping you to keep your top drive turning and your barriers intact.

We understand that time is critical. Our highly-skilled engineers execute well site operations with military precision to deliver premium quality data first time, every time. Members of our ANSA Team are on hand 24 hours a day to perform forensic, deep scan analysis of this data, expediting answers you need and delivering clear, unambiguous facts regarding the condition of your well.

Whether you are looking for a green light on drilling the next section, or optimising designs for future wells, we work with you every step of the way. No fuss, no nonsense, just easy-to-digest information delivered in a timeframe that reflects the urgency of your operations.

Key benefits

  • Ultra-fast verification of burst/collapse integrity ratings
  • Increased operational safety
  • Correlation and optimisation of drilling wear calculations
  • Information to help evaluate centraliser placement and hardbanding composition
  • Valuable insight to help minimise wear and reduce requirements for insert liners
  • Maximise rig utilisation and minimise intervention times

Plug and packer setting assurance

Helping you to ensure your packers
hold pressure first time, every time

We deliver near-instant answers revealing the optimal location for plug and packer installation so that you can make qualified, on-the-spot, decisions with total confidence. From drilling and completion through to well abandonment, we deliver the information you need to successfully achieve the containment you require first time, every time, maximising safety and minimising costs.

Through accelerated, scrupulous assessment of dimensional conformance, we identify the best fit of downhole geometries with the sealing elements of your packer system, helping to ensure successful pressure isolation and maximise long-term barrier performance. Whether landing a hanger, straddle or retrievable bridge plug we provide detailed examination of inner diameter, ovality, metal loss, deformation and deposits to provide fast-track identification of clean-up or remedial requirements prior to attempted barrier installation.

Key benefits

  • Ultra-fast diagnosis of performance affecting issues
  • Ensure locations are within tolerance to help achieve maximum seal performance
  • Identify clean-up or remedial actions prior to barrier installation
  • Help maintain integrity and operational safety
  • Maximise long-term barrier performance
  • Help ensure successful first-time installation, minimising intervention costs and non-productive time




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