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Reservoir Evaluation

We understand that an ever-increasing global demand for oil and gas
brings with it the need to get more from your existing wells, within
ever-tightening cost constraints.

Reservoir Saturation Logging

Cased-hole formation evaluation

READ’s saturation logging service delivers a highly accurate profile of behind casing formation parameters, enabling a comprehensive reservoir evaluation with respect to hydrocarbon type, location and volume.

The service delivers a salinity independent hydrocarbon saturation through a combination of Sigma and Carbon/Oxygen measurements.

Key benefits:

  • Identify and exploit bypassed hydrocarbons
  • Support decision making for optimising production efficiency
  • Assist in maximising hydrocarbon recovery and life of field
  • Identify trends and drivers
  • Fast answers enable decisive actions

Waterflow behind pipe

Pin-point identification of undesired water flow

We understand that detecting flow behind pipe is a critical process for the success of reservoir management.

Our best-in-class 3 Detector, Sigma & CO, Pulsed Neutron Tool, Production Logging sensor technologies and unsurpassed diagnostic prowess enables us to perform leak and channel detection, to identify locations of water entry or exit and as a measurement of water velocity in multiphase flow.

Our team of in-house expert analysts provide assessment of the linear flow velocity, radial position, direction, and the flow rate of water flowing within and behind a well borehole casing to develop a clearer understanding to enable you to make informed decisions.




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