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Production Evaluation

The challenge of achieving sustainable and profitable extraction has
never been more complex… but it doesn’t need to be complicated.
READ has the subject experts to cut through complexity,
work around the challenges and get the job done.

Gas lift performance evaluation

Triage assessment of
gas lift performance

We provide quick-look, triage assessment of the performance of your gas lift system to help you prioritise remedial action and return to maximum flow with minimal down time. We cut through the complexity of multiple gas lift completions revealing the overall system status combined with an intensive valve-by-valve health check.

We understand the impact to production and integrity resulting from defective gas lift systems and have risen to the challenge to provide fast, first-pass diagnosis, helping you to identify the cause of major issues and expedite the recovery process. The near-instant answers we deliver pinpoint the issues at hand so that you can perform immediate and targeted remediation, maximising uptime and minimising cost.

Key benefits

  • Help prioritise actions to increase production rates
  • Key enabler for maximising recovery and extending life of field
  • Minimised downtime through targeted intervention
  • Identify actions to increase well integrity

Inflow performance evaluation

Plotting a course for
optimal recovery.

We deliver rapid response, forensic evaluation of initial inflow performance enabling effective action to help reach optimal production, quickly. From field to office we fast-track pivotal information to help you identify and resolve issues from the outset, allowing you to minimise start-up time and maximise long-term productivity.

By working closely with our customers we have developed a service that combines concentrated operational experience with best-in-class multi-sensor instrumentation, to deliver a comprehensive map of flow rates and fluid composition. Whether a vertical gas well or extended reach oil producer, we deliver the facts you need to help your production get off to the best possible start.

Key benefits

  • Early diagnosis of production issues
  • Support decision making for optimising production efficiency
  • Assist in maximising hydrocarbon recovery and life of field
  • Identify trends and drivers behind them
  • Fast answers enable decisive actions
  • Evaluate success of remedial actions

Injection performance evaluation

Revealing the dosage your
injection wells deliver

We provide ultra-responsive evaluation of the performance of your injection wells to help you make on-the-spot production support decisions. Whether you are injecting water, gas or alternating, we help you understand flow distribution and enable strategies to optimise pressure support and maximise reservoir sweep efficiency.

Through the application of concentrated logging experience and best-in-class low friction flow meters, we deliver a comprehensive, quantified breakdown of injected flow distribution. A detailed field report issued by our on-site engineering team identifies sites of fluid exits and relative volumetric distribution, enabling ultra-fast decision making for remedial action and flow management.

Driven by our customer to meet the challenge of ever-increasing reservoir complexity the ANSA Team, our team of in-house expert analysts, evaluate the performance of producing wells in relation to injection support to identify issues such as injector/producer breakthrough to developed clearer understanding of well to well interconnectivity.

Key benefits

  • Fast answers enable on-the-spot decisions
  • Enable optimisation of pressure support
  • Information to help maximise productivity, recovery and life of field
  • Early zone by zone diagnosis of injectivity issues
  • Key ingredient to help improve understanding of complex reservoirs

Stimulation performance evaluation

Added intelligence for
optimised stimulation

We deliver ultra-fast, precision evaluation of the effectiveness of stimulation operations, speeding up decisions so that you can focus your attention where it’s needed most. We provide quantitative zone-by-zone, stage-by-stage assessment of inflow performance, removing guesswork and underpinning decisions with iron-clad facts.

By expediting the evaluation of fast turnaround, back-to-back comparisons of pre and post-stimulation well data, we deliver a concise benchmark report highlighting progress made and identifying possible opportunities for further production gains. Members of our ANSA Team work around the clock to provide rapid distillation of data into answers, while our highly skilled on-site engineers rig up ready for the next reconnaissance run, getting you to the answer, faster. These answers provide solid facts to strengthen cost benefit analysis, helping you to evaluate the economics of further stimulation activities.

Key benefits

  • Accurate answers enable qualified decisions
  • Minimise downtime through accelerated delivery of answers
  • Independent assessment of success criteria
  • Help reduce rig time by enabling effective, targeted interventions

Water shut-off determination

Revealing the source of
your water production issues

We deliver fast answers to help you make on the spot decisions with confidence, which contribute straight to your bottom line. We perform deep examination of inflow, dissecting fluid composition and revealing the source of variation in water cut. Whether identifying coning, maximising lift or chasing the very last drops of production we provide you the insight you need to manage the rising tide of water production.

Our best-in-class array sensor technologies and unsurpassed diagnostic prowess enables us to unravel the fabric of any flow regime. Whether isolating early breakthrough or optimising hydrocarbon production in later life, we have the means and know-how to decipher the code, providing you with unassailable facts on which you can make potentially life-extending decisions with total authority.

Key benefits

  • Assist execution of effective water shut-off strategy
  • Present clear facts to help achieve optimal hydrocarbon production
  • Key input for managing artificial lift requirements
  • Help reduce water processing requirements through targeting shut off at source
  • Help minimise deposition and/or corrosive effects
  • Provides valuable information to help extend economic life of field




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