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Leak Detection

At READ, we provide the technology and necessary expertise to
plan and execute the operation to detect the leak, analysing the
information to clearly identify its location.

This provides you with the answers you need to make
qualified decisions, quickly.

Water shut-off determination

Revealing the source of
your water production issues

We deliver fast answers to help you make on the spot decisions with confidence, which contribute straight to your bottom line. We perform deep examination of inflow, dissecting fluid composition and revealing the source of variation in water cut. Whether identifying coning, maximising lift or chasing the very last drops of production we provide you the insight you need to manage the rising tide of water production.

Our best-in-class array sensor technologies and unsurpassed diagnostic prowess enables us to unravel the fabric of any flow regime. Whether isolating early breakthrough or optimising hydrocarbon production in later life, we have the means and know-how to decipher the code, providing you with unassailable facts on which you can make potentially life-extending decisions with total authority.

Key benefits

  • Assist execution of effective water shut-off strategy
  • Present clear facts to help achieve optimal hydrocarbon production
  • Key input for managing artificial lift requirements
  • Help reduce water processing requirements through targeting shut off at source
  • Help minimise deposition and/or corrosive effects
  • Provides valuable information to help extend economic life of field




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