Injection performance evaluation

We provide ultra-responsive evaluation of the performance of your injection wells to help you make on-the-spot production support decisions. Whether you are injecting water, gas or alternating, we help you understand flow distribution and enable strategies to optimise pressure support and maximise reservoir sweep efficiency.

Through the application of concentrated logging experience and best-in-class low friction flow meters, we deliver a comprehensive, quantified breakdown of injected flow distribution. A detailed field report issued by our on-site engineering team identifies sites of fluid exits and relative volumetric distribution, enabling ultra-fast decision making for remedial action and flow management.

Driven by our customer to meet the challenge of ever-increasing reservoir complexity the ANSA Team, our team of in-house expert analysts, evaluate the performance of producing wells in relation to injection support to identify issues such as injector/producer breakthrough to developed clearer understanding of well to well interconnectivity.