Casing and tubing integrity evaluation

We deliver rapid, precision, time-bound evaluation of tubular condition, helping you to understand the evolution of your well’s integrity and re-define the operational limits of your pressure envelope.

Through the application of best-in-class radial geometry and wall thickness sensor technologies we document every detail of every completion element. This information provides a reference against which changes can be monitored over time, helping you understand the evolution of your well’s integrity, identifying issues in advance of failure, and knowing exactly where and when to intervene. Our cloud-based digital delivery system can be used to securely store and access this information from any location at any time, allowing quick and easy comparison of baseline data with subsequent time-lapse data sets.

Whether it’s as a result of a sudden change in conditions, or as part of a managed monitoring strategy, we provide the detailed analysis required to quickly identify integrity issues, revealing the facts as they unfold so that you can make qualified decisions, fast.