3D well access evaluation

We deliver complete understanding of the hazards and quantified assessment of risks during the intervention of wells with restricted access. We take well intervention planning to the next level, fast-tracking field data from on-site reconnaissance to valuable well intelligence that gets you straight to the nub of the issue, fast.

When well access becomes a challenge our customers turn to us to help them navigate their way safely when the going gets tough. Our ANSA Team generate detailed simulations of challenging well geometries, based on high quality multi-finger caliper data, to define the limits of safe passage and advise on measures for mitigating risk. Optional integration of gyro surveys and 4D time-lapse analysis reveal directionality and quantify changes over time to increase understanding and help predict when issues may become critical.

Whether re-perforating, working over or abandoning a well, we provide simple, ironclad, answers to help resolve complex well access issues. No ifs, no buts, no problem.