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Providing valuable insight to achieve increase in production

The Challenge
The READ team had already performed a production log for a client to evaluate inflow performance. Our analysis of this log data showed that one zone, which was producing at high water cut, should be isolated.

The coiled tubing providers were not entirely confident that their tools had closed the Sliding Side Door (SSD) for that zone, as pressure changes and hammer indications were only partially observed at surface.

The Solution
We proposed using our ICD Status Determination Service, to be run on coiled tubing in conjunction with the sleeve shifting tools, to verify that the zone was closed. The operation would all be performed on one run and, therefore, not increase rig-time.

The information that we gathered and analysed confirmed that the SSD had been shifted from open to closed position. A temperature profile was logged using the same tool and this also confirmed there was a change in fluid flow after zone closure.

The Results
As a direct result of the information gathered, analysed and presented by our team, our client was able to independently verify downhole that the correct SSD had been closed.

They were enabled to verify this quickly and without incurring the additional costs associated with further runs in the well.

By providing the operator with this valuable insight into their well, we assisted them to achieve a significant increase in oil production after the water-bearing zone was isolated.




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