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Providing clarity to set a plug with confidence

The Challenge
A client needed to relocate a plug further up the well, with a specific area in mind.

It was important that there were no holes in the tubing below the new plug – between the plug and the production packer – as this would prevent the plug from sealing the well effectively.

As the well’s integrity had been lost the situation required immediate and decisive action.

The Solution
We were called upon to provide a solution – and ran a survey using a Multi-Finger Caliper (MFC).

An analyst from READ’s ANSA Team was placed on 24-hour standby and performed an in-depth analysis of the five tubing joints within the target plug setting interval immediately after log data had been transmitted from the field.

An additional description, supporting images and plots were provided for these joints to provide further clarity and allow the client to identify the best position for plug setting.

The analyst also selected their recommendation for the most suitable joint, with the additional information provided in support of these recommendations.

The Results
In less than six hours the analyst confirmed that no holes or any notable corrosion damage were identified below the recommended plug setting depth.

We provided the client with clarity and a clear recommendation for the next step.

The MFC survey and rapid analysis helped the client to achieve their goal of finding a suitable location for setting the plug while still rigged up on the well, enabling them to successfully restore integrity on the first attempt and with minimal delay.




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