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Providing an innovative solution for a multi-national operator

The Challenge
Our client needed to gather vital downhole well information, quickly, cost-effectively, and with no fuss.

The requirement was to develop
and manufacture a solution that would allow the operator to acquire this valuable information while still enabling normal drill-pipe operations to continue.
READ’s expertise was called upon
to develop an innovative solution that would avoid incurring additional rig-time, or mobilising costly wireline intervention equipment and personnel.

The Solution
Faced with this challenge, the
 READ team developed and implemented the Drill Pipe Gauge Carrier technology, an ‘industry-first’ application of a proven technology.

This ruggedised downhole memory logging technology was designed to record quartz pressure, temperature, gamma ray and casing collar locator signals at high sample rates and high resolution.

It was run as part of the drill string and achieved the primary target of allowing normal drill-pipe operations to continue simultaneously.

By collaborating with our client
and fully understanding their needs, we yielded results and are now their provider of choice in their North Sea operations.

The Results
We delivered high resolution, undisturbed, accurate measurements, enabling the operator to make qualified decisions, quickly and with confidence.
— Significant cost benefits by removing requirement for additional runs in the well
— Reduced rig time, maximising efficiency of drilling, workover and abandonment operations
— No requirement to mobilise costly well intervention services such
as wireline, tractor and coiled tubing systems
— Reduced risk through simple, streamlined operations




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