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Pinpointing the causes of declining well production

The Challenge
A client was faced with a decline in well production from a well that was noted as one of the best producers in the field.

They initially planned to perform a Multi-Finger Caliper (MFC) survey, in order to identify if a scale build-up was the reason for the steady decline in production.

The client also planned a Production Logging survey in order to identify how each production zone contributed to the overall flow profile and production. This would also identify the water distribution profile. The presence of scale would hinder the planned PLT logging on this well.

The Solution
We put in place a plan to allow the operator to pinpoint the critical issues that were contributing to the decline in production.

This included running an MFC survey, which identified a substantial coating of deposition within the well, confirming that scale build-up was a likely cause of declining well production.

These findings allowed the client to prepare for an acid wash treatment to remove scale from the well. It was agreed that a second MFC survey would be run after this in order to confirm if the treatment was successful.

The MFC survey performed after the acid wash confirmed a decrease in scale volume, but inspection of the data identified that a significant volume of scale remained. The client, therefore, made the decision to use Jet Blasting to remove the remaining scale.

We completed a further MFC survey following the Jet Blasting. The analysis confirmed that the Jet Blasting had been successful with no evidence of any notable scale remaining.

The Results
The MFC survey and analysis helped the client to confirm that the presence of scale initially was the likely cause for production decline.

The subsequent surveys and analysis showed the client that the acid wash treatment had only partially removed the scale. This allowed them to prepare an alternative solution (Jet Blasting), which the MFC survey proved to be a more effective means of removing this scale.

The survey greatly aided the client in the identification and removal of scale deposition, allowing them to continue with further PLT surveys which in turn would allow them to identify flow and water profiles within the well.

Working in partnership with our client across the stages of this project, we enabled them to pinpoint the problems to allow them to put in place vital remedial actions to help increase production.

For each of the MFC surveys, we provided the client with findings within six hours, allowing them to make qualified decisions, quickly.




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