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Bringing a new dimension to understanding complex well restrictions

The Challenge
A multi-national operator required to boost production in a maturing asset. The asset was producing around 25% of peak output and it was suspected that reserves were trapped above the top of the perforated interval.

Intervention was planned to re- perforate selected wells in the knowledge that reservoir pressures had dropped significantly during production — and several wells were known to have deformation of liner.

The Solution
We identified that there was a lack of clarity with existing evaluation. It had been providing a 2D approximation for a problem that required 3D clarity.

Data acquisition was not an issue, however, enhanced analysis was required. Faced with this challenge, our in-house experts created an innovative 3D model, based on multi-finger caliper data, to obtain a more detailed evaluation of well geometry.

Through our determination to present the operator with the
 full facts at their fingertips, we presented detailed computations to determine critical measurement factors and pinpoint areas of deformation causing most significant risk to well access.

The Results
We delivered detailed, quantitative evaluation through 3D clarity, allowing the operator to make critical decisions about the future of the well.

As a direct result of the intelligence we provided, our customer was enabled to:
— Manage risk vs optimal operational performance for future well interventions
— Put plans to re-perforate the well on hold, having established that the risks outweighed reward at this time




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