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Achieving cost savings without compromising safety and integrity

The Challenge
One of our clients was seeking vital well integrity information. They needed to understand the status of the integrity of their wells to be able to optimise the future field-wide management of well integrity.

The Solution
The expertise of our team was called upon to review the current integrity status of our client’s wells.

We proposed the development of a model of a single well based on historical production chemistry and a series of 4D tubular integrity evaluation surveys. The model would be validated by comparing additional tubular integrity surveys from specific identified wells such that the model would provide a field-wide estimate of predicted time to failure.

This approach enabled us to develop a bespoke model to assist in the prediction of tubing life across all the wells.

The Results
The operator gained an improved understanding of the condition of the integrity in their wells.

As a direct result of the clarity and accuracy of the information we provided, it was demonstrated that the rates of corrosion were significantly lower than previously anticipated. This allowed the operator to defer the application of preventative corrosion treatments and delay remedial actions.

This resulted in zero well downtime and a significant cost saving for our client, without compromising safety or integrity.




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