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READ launches Micro-leak Detection services incorporating newly developed technology by GE Oil & Gas

READ launches a new Micro-leak Detection solution to help maximise operational safety and minimise downtime by delivering fast and reliable answers for on the spot well integrity management decisions. The diagnostic solution combines GE Oil & Gas’ NTO Acoustic Noise Tool and READ’s Micro-leak Detection service line. The solution creates a detailed map of downhole acoustic energy, which when combined with measurements from flowmeter and fast response temperature sensors, enables precision location of leak sites, identification of active flow pathways and determination of the sources of flow energy. READ’s specially developed Micro-leak Detection software segregates the acquired acoustic data according to the frequency of the captured sound energy enabling spectral analyses of the data and accurate diagnosis of unwanted flow events associated with well integrity issues.

READ’s team of in-house expert analysts worked extensively on the Micro-leak Detection technology, focussing on data processing and visualization software development and investing over a year into field trials. As a result of the accuracy of the derived information and speed of response provided by the service operators gain the factual, to-the-minute, intelligence they need in order to optimise their strategy for remediation.

The team at READ have a reputation for working in partnership with customers to devise, develop and implement innovative ways of solving well challenges. As an early adopter, READ partnered with GE Oil & Gas on field trials of the NTO technology, accelerating delivery of the Micro-leak Detection service line that is now being deployed across slickline, electric line, coil tubing and tractor-conveyed well interventions worldwide. READ continues to push boundaries for the adoption of specialized well integrity diagnostic solutions by offering robust, effective, every day value alternatives to the high-premium services that are currently offered for similar applications.

“READ’s Micro-leak Detection technology is the result of a collaboration with GE Oil & Gas, said Tobben Tymons, READ’s Technical Director. We also worked closely with our customers across the North Sea and Middle East regions to develop a solution that delivers enhanced performance and fast-response analysis allowing operators to quickly identify integrity issues on wells of all types and stages in their life cycle. The information we provide allows operators to plan and prioritise their response to integrity issues, therefore saving time and resources through risk reduction and time loss prevention. GE Oil & Gas is a recognized industry leader in wireline and logging technology, and we at READ are proud to continue our relationship by partnering with them on field trials and commercialising new technologies that add value to the industry, added Tymons.”

“This technology is an excellent platform for expanding READ’s R&D capabilities. We aim to deliver a steady stream of innovative solutions to the markets and we are thrilled that we brought 2015 to a close with news on the micro-leak detection technology, said Roy Martin, READ’s CEO, and I have full confidence that we will keep the momentum going in 2016.”

“It is important for us at READ to continue our collaboration with GE Oil & Gas working on solutions that bring efficiency to the industry. Needless to say we hope it’s a trend that will continue growing strong,” said Gavin Prise, READ Chairman.

GE is committed to working in true partnership with its customers. READ’s ability to turn quality data into actionable information allowed us to quickly test and launch the new NTO Acoustic Noise Tool technology to the marketplace. We look forward to continuing our relationship with READ to deliver more result driven solutions for the industry,” said Craig Feherty, Product Line Manager, GE Oil & Gas.




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