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Positive prospects: ADIPEC 2016

Last month I travelled to Abu Dhabi to join the world’s oil and gas industry at ADIPEC 2016. Over 95,000 professionals travelled to the four-day annual event to meet, discuss and continue to shape the future of our industry together. The theme of this year’s conference was aptly “Transitional Strategies for an Efficient & Resilient Energy Industry.”

The READ Cased Hole team has travelled to many industry events this year including ICoTA Coiled Tubing and Well Intervention Conference in Houston and ONS in Stavanger, and there has been a similar message across all, it’s time to face the new reality and get on with it.

With the industry’s downturn being well documented and still being the hot topic of the column inches, I was impressed with the overwhelming positive atmosphere and outlook in Abu Dhabi from both ends of the spectrum. We are fortunate to work in an industry, which is built on rich talent and resources and who lately has seen the benefits of working together in collaboration. This was plain to see at ADIPEC and it echoed our own ethos at READ Cased Hole, which is built upon innovation and collaboration to drive down wasted time and cost, whilst building lasting strategies for long-term plans.

Ours is an industry that must try to maintain efficiency and resilience by understanding and drawing insight from macro-economic factors of the global energy landscape, whilst also assessing specific challenges and strategies that each region has adopted.

The ADIPEC conference showcased thoughts from some of the world’s most influential energy ministers and decision makers that will shape the policies and strategies for the new energy landscape. It was uplifting to hear of the investment that many businesses are making, in new markets and technologies, which will no doubt allow the industry to reap the benefits in the future.

At READ I am lucky to work in a company that values and pioneers innovation to remain agile and ahead of the curve. We see innovation as a constant evolving process, not driven from individual actions, but from a team using creativity to reach a common goal. Our integrity and customer relationships give us the ability to listen and learn, and grow our businesses together.

As for our industry, if we can keep working efficiently, innovatively and with one another, the future is bright.

Roy Martin





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