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When Understanding the Wellbore Just Isn’t Enough: New Pulsed Neutron Services at READ

Today READ Cased Hole is pleased to announce the introduction of its pulsed neutron service, which provides detailed and high fidelity information about the reservoir beyond the completion.

Utilising high energy neutrons, the Reservoir Analysis System (RAS) is able to determine fluid contact depths through proven Sigma and Carbon-Oxygen techniques. Armed with this information READ’s customers will be able to better manage their reservoirs, maximising the recovery of oil or gas reserves while avoiding undesired fluids.

Beyond the traditional Sigma and Carbon-Oxygen techniques, through the use of Oxygen Activation, the direction and velocity of water flow channels can be determined behind the casing to provide further insight into the characteristics of the reservoir and production zones.

The flexibility of the design allows for the tool to be deployed in both memory and surface readout applications such as Slickline, coiled tubing or e-line. This versatility makes the tool suitable for almost any well, being capable of operating in conjunction with most equipment currently in use across the globe.

Roy Martin (CEO) said “This technology has a close synergy with READ’s offering of providing answers and insight into our customers’ wells and reservoirs, enabling them to maximise production with increased efficiency at minimal cost.”

Drawing upon years of experience in third-party pulsed neutron analysis, READ’s ANSA team is now  able to deliver even more fully comprehensive results by bringing our Service Delivery approach to the fore, closely integrating all elements from survey planning, data acquisition, log quality control and data analysis under one roof.

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