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Cased Hole Field Engineer opportunity at READ

Do you want to develop your expertise and focus your skills on cased hole logging?  You will be working with expertly maintained tool fleet, without unnecessary distractions – no crew management requirements, pressure control equipment, wireline/slickline/coil tubing.  This role offers you the opportunity to run a wide variety of services without excessive NPT due to issues out of your control.

Here at READ Cased Hole, we like to keep things focused. As a specialist cased hole logging business, we deal solely with the acquisition and analysis of quality cased hole data.

And we do this with state-of-the-art downhole technologies, dedicated tool maintenance facilities, skilled field engineers, and world-class data analysts. We’re a suitcase business – ready to mobilise wherever and whenever the job requires.

The opportunity:

We have an exciting opportunity for an experienced oil and gas field engineer with a proven track record in cased hole logging on memory and surface read out. As a valued and integral member of our team, you’ll be responsible for delivering technical, service and safety excellence in the field.

Check out our Careers page for more information.

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