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A Vision to the Future

With 2016 drawing to a close, I am looking back over a year in which the industry’s ups and downs have been well documented. At READ we have been across the globe, many times over, seeing the complexities and challenges that the global markets face. Those that have been in the industry a while now, will know that these challenges are nothing new. However, what is new is the approach we are taking to these challenges, to build and maintain strength and resilience.

Times like these are a key driver for innovation – in approach, in technique and in technology. Businesses know that to maintain a competitive edge they must be agile and invest in the industry, whilst also sustaining a long-term strategy to achieve their vision. At READ we know the value in this approach, having seen the benefits of this translate into our clients’ successes and therefore our own.

This year we have seen clients faced with the challenge of making decisions based on detailed and complex information, very quickly. The current climate has contributed more pressure on reactive decisions that still need to deliver effective results. With this in mind, we tasked our in-house data analyst team, ANSA, with specifically supporting clients to make qualified decisions, fast. The team alleviates pressure and supports clients to make decisions that will minimise risk, maximise safety and deliver profitability, by using diagnostic experience and expertise. It is this particular service that enables us to forecast risk, establish opportunity and therefore safeguard business activity.

I can confidently say looking into 2017 and thereafter, we at READ are well placed to take on challenges that the industry might encounter. We continue to see the results of our investment and attentiveness with successes that includes the recently secured exclusivity in the North Sea to run a novel ultrasonic stimulation technology. It is safe to say that our team has an exciting period ahead of us, remaining agile to take on whatever comes our way.

Gavin Lindsay




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