Speed and accuracy = maximum efficiency

Every operator, at every stage of the well’s lifecycle, is faced with the challenge of keeping costs in check. In an era where you are routinely confronted with reams of data, pressure to buy add-on services and inevitable project snags, it has never been more important to ensure that costs do not spiral out of control.

Efficient project management and rapid resolution of problems are critical factors to ensuring you achieve maximum profitability from your well.

We understand that time is of the essence. You require robust, factual information in a timeframe that reflects the urgency of your operations. The quicker you can be presented with the facts about your production and integrity challenges, the quicker you can plan the next steps to ensure maximum efficiency.

Whether it is an integrity or production issue, our in-house analysis experts – the ANSA Team – are available on a 24-hour basis to distil the facts and communicate the answers, delivering the ultimate responsive service.

Through the expertise of our ANSA Team, we deliver best-in-market diagnostics by maintaining a 1:1 ratio of analyst to operating crews. We provide a dedicated analyst for every job because we understand you need to get to the accurate answers, fast.

  • We’ve delivered more than 1,500 answers for our customers
  • 100+ answers are delivered every year
  • >50% of our answers are delivered in less than six hours in our pioneering fast turnaround service
  • We’ve analysed over 14 million feet of log data, providing reliable and highly-detailed information on which decisions can be made

Our expertise, accuracy and speed of response enable you to make the right decisions for your well, quickly.