Helping you squeeze more from mature fields

Prolonging the life of wells and squeezing more from existing assets may prove to be a very attractive economic prospect for operators. However, it can be seen as an equally big challenge.

While production decline is inevitable, there may be many years of profitable production ahead for maturing fields. You will be faced with the challenge of ageing infrastructure, falling reservoir pressures and increased water production. However, the silver lining lies in the fact that mature fields do contain valuable reserves that are yet to be exploited.

Managing late field life is an intensive process requiring frequent intervention and carefully executed production support operations. The challenge is to deliver maximum production gain while tightly controlling costs. However, with multiple, compounding, issues affecting production and integrity, the right course of action may not always be clear.

We provide cost effective information to help resolve downhole flow behaviour, revealing the source of hydrocarbons and diagnosing the issues at hand so that you can gain clearer understanding of the performance of your well. This information is a key enabler to help ensure that value-bringing actions are prioritised, while minor issues are monitored and managed.

The support we can offer includes:

• Providing you with the insight you need to manage the rising tide of water production and make potentially life-extending decisions with total authority

• Providing quick-look, triage assessment of the performance of your gas lift system to help you prioritise remedial action and return to maximum flow with minimal down time

• Delivering ultra-fast, precision evaluation of the effectiveness of stimulation operations, speeding up decisions so that you can focus your attention where it’s needed most

• Ensuring a definitive understanding of your communication pathways

• Delivering knowledge to keep your flow paths clear

• Presenting the facts relating to your well’s integrity so that you may plan, prioritise and execute operations to enhance the health of your wells

• Providing straightforward answers to help resolve complex well access issues