Fully understanding your well integrity when the pressure is on

Understanding the performance of barriers and structural well integrity plays a vital part in optimising the management of your wells across their complete lifecycle.

The challenge of fully understanding, predicting and managing well integrity can be fraught at the best of times. When you are responsible for ensuring integrity of wells in a high pressure, high temperature environment, that challenge becomes ever more critical to manage and overcome.
We have the expertise, knowledge and trusted reputation for providing the answers – and assurance – you need to manage your well integrity in HPHT fields.

Our ANSA Team delivers a comprehensive and industry-leading range of integrity evaluation services. Using high-resolution data from multiple sources, including multi-finger caliper, magnetic thickness, acoustic, well fluid properties and well bore environment measurements, we can deliver the answer products bespoke to your needs.

One such pioneering example developed specifically to enable integrity logging of HPHT wells is our HPHT 40-Finger Caliper technology. It is used to evaluate the integrity of tubing or casing, providing highly-accurate assessment of barrier condition.

Through its high resolution and high data density measurement, it provides a continuous map of the well’s internal surface, delivering detailed understanding of downhole geometries and barrier condition. Deployable on electric line, with real-time surface read out, this technology is suitable for all well deviations – including horizontal.

Other well integrity services we provide include:
• Structural integrity evaluation
• Cement evaluation
• Corrosion evaluation
• Drilling wear evaluation & modelling
• Deposition evaluation
• Packer/Plug setting determination
• 4D time-lapse studies
Well integrity… It pays to be well informed.