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The ANSA Team

The ANSA Team

Impartially providing unrivalled data analysis excellence for all your production, reservoir and integrity evaluation needs, no matter the data source.

Our in-house team have analysed over 14 million feet of log data, providing independent, reliable and highly detailed information on which you can make your decisions quickly and with confidence.

Through the ANSA Team’s combined experience and collective knowhow, we provide the industry’s most definitive answers in the shortest time.

Acoustic log analysis

In depth investigation of
unwanted fluid movements

Understanding the underlying facts behind the loss of a well’s integrity is pivotal to selecting the right remedial strategy, and through accurate diagnosis of the route cause, you can successfully manage the issue rather than treating the symptoms. When the stakes are high you can rely on the ANSA team to master the evidence and reveal the truth.

Our team of in-house experts utilize proprietary processing and visualisation techniques to convert high resolution spectral acoustic data into concise, accurate facts. We understand the criticality of time, and through the application of our Fast Turnaround Analysis service, the ANSA team deliver bespoke, fast-tracked, answer products helping you to ensure that your first move is a decisive one.

Services include:

  • Leak detection
  • Annular flow identification
  • Zonal isolation evaluation
  • Downhole hardware integrity verification
  • Valve status verification
  • Diagnosis of failed pressure test

Digital Delivery System

Valuable information at your fingertips

Our in-house experts are leading the way in developing new techniques for processing and analysis of valuable well and reservoir data to enable you to make the right decisions and get the best from your well.

To bring that industry-leading experience closer to you – and make your life easier – we have pioneered the Digital Delivery System (DDS), a centralised ‘library’ of cased hole log data that enables quick, safe access to your information from anywhere in the world and on a wide range of platforms and devices, desktop and mobile.

We have built this user-friendly, web-based portal from the ground up, allowing you to access the information you need quickly and securely. From directly downloading the deliverables of a job through the quick access icons, to interacting directly with our team of experts, DDS enables your team to concentrate on what really matters to your business.

Fast Turn Around

Faster to the answer

Day in, day out, READ’s ANSA Team gives you the answers you need faster than anyone else. Through our rich 25-year history of precision analysis, we have pioneered a Fast Turn Around (FTA) service that delivers critical information in an accelerated time frame, enabling near real-time decision making and immediate action at the well site.

When time is of the essence, whether it is an well integrity, reservoir or production issue, our team of experts are available on a 24-hour basis to distil and communicate the facts, delivering the ultimate responsive service.

Over 50 percent of the answers we provide for our customers every year are delivered through the FTA service, which offers critical information with a response time of typically less than six hours.

Production Log Analysis

When every barrel counts

With declining reserves and the rising cost of operations, the challenge of achieving sustainable and profitable extraction has never been more complex.

We know every barrel counts and offer a full suite of value-adding production evaluation services to help maximise your economic advantage.

No matter whether it is an injection well or a three-phase extended reach production well, our ANSA Team uses high resolution information derived from best-in-class flow rate, well fluid properties and well bore environment measurements to deliver customised products tailored to your knowledge requirements .

Services include:

  • Zonal inflow evaluation
  • 3D flow profile evaluation
  • Water inflow identification
  • Selective inflow performance evaluation
  • Productivity / injectivity index evaluation
  • Inter-zonal flow profile evaluation
  • Temperature & pressure gradient evaluation
  • Complex flow diagnostics
  • Water flow evaluation behind pipe
  • Time-lapse analysis

Reservoir Evaluation

Maximise reservoir recovery

In the current economic landscape, we appreciate the vital importance operators place on accurately understanding reservoir fluids and mechanisms.

The ANSA Team provides independent and dedicated support throughout the data acquisition process, from objective feasibility, operational planning, data quality control and log data interpretation. Thus ensuring survey objectives are met in full, with a detailed product delivered, tailored to specific customer requirements, ultimately enabling true reservoir potential to be realised.

Answer products:

  • Sigma and Carbon/Oxygen saturation analysis
  • Three phase reservoir evaluation
  • Gas saturation computation
  • Pulsed neutron elemental yield mineralogy
  • Time-lapse saturation and reservoir contact monitoring

Third Party Cased Hole Data Analysis

READ has a world-class data analysis team, comprising of experts in all aspects of cased hole log evaluation.

As an impartial, independent expert, our ANSA team is in high demand to provide second opinions and deliver fast, accurate answers to compliment third party data acquisition.

Whether it be a bespoke time-lapse study, a complex production log analysis, or to temporarily strengthen an in-house team, our experts add value by converting data into answers.

Time-lapse analysis

Seeing the shape of things to come

The stakes are high where well integrity, production evaluation and reservoir evaluation are concerned. Faced with a vast array of challenges across critical phases of your field development, it is essential that you can look ahead, evaluate risks and plan your actions accurately and decisively.

That’s why it is reassuring to know that our ANSA Team are on hand to provide you with a comprehensive range of evaluation services to help you understand and read more into your wells.

The accuracy of our answers and the clarity of information we provide through time-lapse evaluation allows you to make the right decisions now, to safeguard the future of your wells. We help show you the shape of things to come.

Well accessibility modelling

Understanding complex well restrictions

Wells operate in physically demanding environments that can change over time and result in the deformation of the well structure, which brings with it the serious issue of limited accessibility.

Every operator knows that restrictions in accessing a well can have a significant impact on producing wells and during intervention, workover and abandonments. However, unless production or integrity are directly affected, there may not be any warning signs for the hazards that may lie beneath.

Our advanced 3D modelling of valuable information gathered by a multi-finger caliper, can greatly reduce the risks associated with well accessibility and deliver the definitive answers on which accurate decisions can be based.

The information derived from the 3D well access model serves as a powerful management tool, reducing the risks during well interventions and providing valuable information that you can use to help make critical decisions for your operations.

Well Integrity Log Analysis

Across the well life cycle

Understanding the performance of barriers and structural integrity plays a key part in optimising the management of your wells across their complete life cycle. That’s why it is reassuring to know that our ANSA Team delivers a comprehensive and industry-leading range of integrity evaluation services.

Our team of in-house experts uses high resolution data from multiple sources including, multi-finger caliper, magnetic thickness, acoustic, well fluid properties and well bore environment measurements, to deliver the answer products bespoke to your needs.

Services include:

  • Structural integrity evaluation
  • Leak detection
  • Cement evaluation
  • Annular flow evaluation
  • Corrosion evaluation
  • Drilling wear evaluation & modelling
  • Deposition evaluation
  • Packer/Plug setting determination
  • Time-lapse analysis




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