RedEye Downhole Camera

A quick and simple solution to diagnose downhole problems.

The RedEye™ downhole camera is a heli-portable system that operates on any conventional mono or multi conductor electric wireline. This highly portable system, requiring only one engineer can be deployed to the well site at very short notice to answer the question "what does it look like".

Sharp black and white images are captured in real-time on surface, and updated at a refresh rate of more than one image per second. Centralisers locate the camera within the wellbore and assist to provide an even spread of light from the 12-LED light source which give optimum illumination and minimises reflective glare. On surface the images are presented on a standard PC and are recorded on to a hard disk. Digital images of areas of particular interest may then be transmitted to client offices via the internet allowing appropriate diagnositic and remedial decisions to be made.

Product/service benefits:

  • Supplement fishing operations - identify optimum tools design
  • Fluid entry point identification
  • Differentiate between scale  or tubular deformation
  • Downhole equipment inspection